Meeting June 9, 7 pm, Bud's on the Bay

Good morning!

With everything in high gear now, it is important to meet to finalize details on many of the projects going on.

Come out Tuesday June 9 at 7 pm to Bud’s on the Bay here in Brockville. We will be going through finances of the Chapter, moorings, and the regular items. In addition to this we will be going through the next step plans regarding the All Ships Festival and the sculpture placements. We will be organizing the call for Volunteers! The benches are in and look amazing! We know who did them, but I am sure the traveling divers who are enjoying them would like to know that we are making “Diver Friendly” improvements to the park, so with that plaques will be placed on the benches acknowledging contributions where due. Token sales and status will be discussed. I am sure the team has many other items to talk about as we get closer to Tuesday.

On my end, this is the last email blast from my mailing list. From this day forward, I will be using the SOS email circulation provided on the site. If you get an email (or two) from me and one from the SOS site, then you are good-to-go! If you only get emails from me, and not the SOS site then you need to either check your membership status with Bernie or the site, and/or make sure you are signed up to receive news from this Chapter if you are a member of a different Chapter. The membership process online has been a bit tricky as Bernie has to manually enter the information in once he gets it. Just know that your attempts are not in vain…apparently.

I hope you all have a great weekend and we will see you Tuesday night!